lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Cover Round-Up Round 2

Some Say you can't judge a book by its cover, Cover Round-up atempts to put that to the test with Comic Books.

So yeah, we are going to be seeing this week covers in comics and while not rating them per se, I'll post my personal opinion on if I would read it solely by the cover art, so, let's dig in to Cover Round Up.

Anne Rice's Servant of Teh Bones #1

I'm a Joe Hill guy myself, so I would immediately pick this one up if it wasn't for the big-ass Ann Rice name making the title look small The artwork is impressive and full of mystery for a first issue, while setting a grim urban tone for the story.
Readability: If your allured by the subtlety of the cover or your a fan, get it I guess Anne Rice is better than if it would've been title "Stephanie Meyer's Servant of the bones".

Batman Incorporated #8
In this issue Bruce Wayne gets transported to the world of Peruvian Tron... or so would the cover lead us to believe, actually this is just another step in the fight against Ouroboros (insert your own RE5 joke here) and let's face it, Morrisson is not famous for making much sense.
Readability: If I didn't follow the story this would look WTF enough for me to try it.

Deadpool #42

The only Marvel cover this time (not so many books this week) and it' s an easy one. Fun, self-referencial and self-moking, this a nice change from the Deadpool crapfest we've been seeing lately.
Readability: 'Pooltastic.

Justice Society of America #54, Teen Titans #100 and Gotham City Sirens.

I'm only posting the JSA one because all three are just mediocre, a group shot of the team with a solemn goodbye as we won't be seeing them next month, but c'mon, JLA #60 did a great shot of the group, this are just "ok... let's get this over with".
Readability: Poor, props to the people who actually clicked on the text to see the other covers.

IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 

 There are two ways to look at this cover, the first is: why is Raphael with the Bo? He looks so threatening and the second, as a throwback to the original comics, don't expect kid jokes or the turtles killing robots, this is balls to the walls badasserie... if you know the real turtles.
Readability: I'm not saying it... I won't give in... ouk, just because I love you, this is issue will make you go Cowabunga like it's 1995.

 This is fun... but that's it for this week in covers. I hope that my next post will be a video for y'all.

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  1. That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is awesome. :D

  2. Deadpool is always the best, never fails to give me some good laughs. Nice post btw.

  3. Oh wow, they brought back TMNT? That's pretty awesome.

  4. The Deadpool one was pretty cool, funny, but awesome!

  5. Teenage mutant ninja turtles, love them!