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Cover Round-up #1

After changing to Vegas 9 Pro Platimun from 8 it seems I lost 2 videos, so I thought to do something new this week:

Some Say you can't judge a book by its cover, Cover Round-up atempts to put that to the test with Comic Books.

So yeah, we are going to be seeing this week covers in comics and while not rating them per se, I'll post my personal opinion on if I would read it solely by the cover art, so, let's dig in the first Cover Round-up

Batman #713
There's something wierd about how where Bruce's feet are in relation to Red Robin, who already looks like he's in an akward pose, but this group shot of Bruce, Dick, Timm and Damian in a very dynamic shot, is only a remainder that this is the last month they will be like this before the reboot.
Readability: Bat-Readable

Damaged #1
This has Generic Cop Story written all over it, a Liam Neeson type character who gets screwed over by life (hence damaged) and decides to go on a killing/revenge spree to get even.
Readability: Generic random unreadable.

JLA #60
This is... not bad actually, they even make Starman and Jesse Quick look badass and Congorilla's "I'm gonna crush you pose" works well, but the clincher is the same of Batman: This is the last adventure of Robinson's JLA, if you loved or hated them, they still hold up some respect for being trying something new.
Readability: Sure... why not.

Samurai's Blood #3
Is this a historic comic where everything is resolved by talking about honor, legacy and shame or a Rurouni Kenshin style slash/gorefest? By the look of the cover, the boring first option. 
Readability: Action shots exist for a reason, they set the tone of the comic and without those, this sounds like a History Channel Yawnfest about real samurai figures.

Spider-Island The Amazing Spider-Girl #1 (Of 3)
Now THIS is a kind of cover to present new ideas. I personally haven't been following Spider Girl... or Spider-Island, but this book doesn't need Shock Value to get to you, here the hero is presented in a very clean fashion, without spoilers, which basically is an invitation to get into the story with her from the start, neither Spider Girl or the reader will know what's up until it is too late.
Readability: I'm going to pick this one up myself just on the cover actually.

Avengers Academy #18
I wanted to group the covers by alphabetical order, but this should be side to side with Spider Girl for the purpose of contrast, as this one relies solely on the "shock value" of the defeated members of the team and you wanting to find out what happened to them, I don't love it. Also Academy has a history of hype in their covers (Magic 101 much?)
Readability: If you're a fan of AA like I am you'll read, if not, this is completely unappealing.

Superboy #11
This looks like teen drama with superheroes on it, a boy and his dog, his best friend and a girl to boot... wait, Superboy is exactly like that. The formula has worked on many heroes, people who grew up with Static Shock will not let me lie about this, teen heroes are all about interactions, with their caped lifed and school, this cover represents exactly that.
Readability: I miss good WB cartoons... wha? oh yeah, very readable.

Thunderbolts #162
The T-Bolts dash into action in a triumphant team pose! Even if you read last month's issue and see that they will have a hard time, this cover is AWESOME!
Readability: Picking this one up like lightning.

Zatanna #14

As I bid Farewell to my favorite ongoing of the pre-reboot, Zatanna still has an ace up her sleeve and the cover is not shy in trying to tell us that.
Readability: Motherfunkin' Zatanna, of course you go read.

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  1. WOW , no prometo leerlos ahora mismo, pero si los estoy bajando, quiero leer el de Cover Round-up !!!

  2. I enjoyed this post plenty.
    It's weird how about half of this site is Spanish though.

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  3. And for the most part I agree with your opinions.

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  5. I guess the great cover art just sums up the whole book.

  6. Very interesting. I loved Superboy.

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