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Review: Justice League #1 (2011)

It's Here! The DC Universe Reboot, a reason not to make a Cover Round-up this week is this bad boy, JL#1 if you follow any DC Source on Twitter you know they've been hyping this one since Sunday, so, let's see how Geoff Johns/Jim Lee's JL#1 holds up.

Wait! They didn't use the image they have been advertising for the cover? Instead going for a crowded group shot to show everyone in their new costume, oh man... this is going to be a rough ride.

The story opens up to Batman as he trails a wierd figure while being followed by Gotham Police, which do not take lightly to this and start shooting from their choppers, but before Bats can say "get to the choppa" Green Lantern comes to the rescue and boooy, it sure show Johns wrote this, as GL just blocks bullets, talks smack about chasing the same alien and then even takes care of the fires in the city, all without moving an inch from the same spot.

After a brief introduction on both sides they find the creature and decide to investigate on another alien, the one from Metropolis.

A quick shot of Vic Stone (still not a Cyborg) and the comic ends in this scene:

Cliffhanger FTW! Still it is a great way to get you to read #2, for non-comic fans deciding to pick this one up so they can see familiar faces fight each other or for seasoned readers who want to see if it resolves in a battle of wits between two A-listers or... HerpDerp I'm-moar-brawn-than-brain Supes.

The dialogue is quite smart and interesting, setting up bigger events in the future and also reminding us that yes, this is a reboot, nobody really knows each other, Bruce and Clark are not best friends (for now maybe), other leaguers will join later as the situation gets worse.

If I'm to complain, Geoff Johns is a Hal Jordan fanboy and it really shows in here, even Batman makes fun of "Green Lantern can take care of everything", but the way it is handled, more than a joke (and seeing his previous works) it really comes through as this will become "Green Lantern and his Superfriends", since the second movie has already been discused, I'm scared.

Jim Lee's art is superb, attention to little details like Batman's cape having bullet holes or Jordan "de-morphing" add a lot of value, pages have many things happening in them, but never do they look cluttered or confusing, if anything just looking at the redesigned costumes is worth the selling price.

Not free of mistakes, but trying to set up future epicness, JL#1 is a solid read, only #2 will tell us how well the series will progress, but if you want to get your friends or yourself into comics, you've got no better starting point.

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